Inaugural PASIPHAE meeting took place in Creete on October, 10 - 12, 2016. We discussed the following topics.
- WALOP design
- Calibration
- Mounting & Commissioning (mounting technical details and schedule for both telescopes)
- Tomography Proof-of-concept and Planck paper L
- WALOP analysis Pipeline
- Instrument validation and first paper
- Survey and tomography analysis strategy, deliverables
- Additional science

Caltech: T. Pearson, T. Readhead
U. Crete/FORTH: D. Blinov, G. Kougentakis, E. Paleologou, G. Panopoulou, I. Papadakis, G. Paterakis, V. Pavlidou, P. Reig, A. Steiakaki, K. Tassis
SAAO: S. Potter
IUCAA: A. Ramaprakash

1st meeting attendees

We are hiring

The Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, the foremost research organization in Greece, invites applications for 3 postdoctoral positions for the PASIPHAE project.

We are building a team with diverse expertise (both observational and theoretical), including the Galactic magnetic field, optical polarimetry, numerical and statistical analysis (including the numerical solutions of complex boundary-value problems and/or machine learning algorithms), interstellar medium astrophysics, high-energy astrophysics including gamma-ray and cosmic-ray astrophysics, and stellar astrophysics (with emphasis on intrinsic stellar polarizations). Applicants with strong background in any of these fields are encouraged to apply.

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