Astronomy & Astrophysics highlights in its press releases our paper on the first application of Galactic magnetic field tomography using real starlight polarization measurements (April 2024).

Magnetized dust cloud

PASIPHAE and WALOPs described in the Indian Express article (June 2021).

Indian express screenshot


PASIPHAE and WALOPs featured in Mission Control section of Nature Astronomy (May 2021).
Nature astronomy screenshot
The Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems accepted our publication entitled "WALOP-South: A Four Camera One Shot Imaging Polarimeter for PASIPHAE Survey. Paper I -- Optical Design”.
WALOP South optical design


Nature Astronomy published a highlight and Astronomy and Astrophysics made a press release about our publication "Evidence for line-of-sight frequency decorrelation of polarized dust emission in Planck data”