The 2d PASIPHAE meeting


Second PASIPHAE meeting took place in Crete on March, 31, 2017. We discussed the following topics:

  • WALOPs Instrument Development Update / Calibration Strategy / RoboPol S (lead by Prof. A. N. Ramaprakash)
  • Real RoboPol Data Examples / ISM tomography (lead by Prof. K. Tassis and G. Panopoulou)
  • From PASIPHAE tomographic map to CMB foreground separation (lead by A. Karakci and Prof. H. K. Eriksen)


Participants: Caltech: H. Hensley, T. Pearson, T. Readhead U. of Crete/FORTH: D. Blinov, G. Kougentakis, J. Kypriotakis, G. Panopoulou, G. Paterakis, V. Pavlidou, P. Reig, A. Steiakaki, K. Tassis SAAO: S. Potter IUCAA: S. Maharana, A. Ramaprakash U. of Oslo: H. K. Eriksen, A. Karakci, I. K. Wehus