The 3d PASIPHAE meeting


The 3d annual PASIPHAE meeting took place in Norway on June, 24 - 26, 2019. We discussed the following topics. 

Instrument: - Progress of WALOPs design - WALOP analysis Pipeline - Mounting & Commissioning of the polarimeters - Caveats of the instruments calibration 

Science: - Ongoing CMB and ISM dust studies within participating groups - Survey and tomography analysis strategy - Additional science 


Participants: Caltech: G. Panopoulou, T.C.S. Readhead U. Crete/FORTH: D. Blinov, S. Kiehlmann, I. Kypriotakis, V. Pavlidou, V. Pelgrims, R. Skalidis, K. Tassis U. Oslo: E. Bratli, H. K. Eriksen, E. Gjerløw, T. L. Svalheim, I.K. Wehus SAAO: S. Potter IUCAA: A. Ramaprakash, S. Maharana, T. Ghosh Princeton: B. Hensley 


3d meeting attendees